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Chicago 200/205 Adjustable Roller Skates




Get your kids rolling today! The Chicago Adjustable Roller Skate is a great way to start your kids on this healthy hobby that can last a lifetime. This adjustable roller skate is the perfect gift for your growing child, adjusting up 3 to 4 sizes as your child grows. The push button adjustment makes the transition to the next size quick and easy. The Chicago 200/205 rolls smooth and fast and can be used at the rink or outdoors. The girl’s roller skate comes in pink/white; style number 200. The boy’s roller skate comes in blue/gray; style number 205.

Sizing Tip: This skate is considered a children’s skate. Children’s skates start at size 8J (J stands for Juvenile). The sizes for these skates will be the same for both boys and girls.