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At The Skate Authority, we are dedicated to providing the ultimate skateboarding experience.

Whether it’s your first day on a board, or a seasoned pro, we have everything you need to fuel your passion for skateboarding.





Instructor Evan K. In Littleton, CO.

beginner skateboard products

Extensive collection of high-quality skateboarding products, including skateboards, wheels, trucks, bearings, protective gear, and apparel.

skateboard guides

Help you choose the perfect setup, maintain your equipment, and advance your skills.

Choosing the Perfect Skateboard Deck

Explore the factors that influence deck selection, including width, materials, and shape. Find the optimal deck that suits your riding style and preferences.

Essential Skateboarding Tricks for Beginners

Learn fundamental tricks like the ollie, kickflip, and basic grinds to build a strong foundation in skateboarding.

Skate Maintenance Made Easy

Discover essential maintenance tasks such as cleaning and lubricating bearings, caring for griptape, and inspecting and tightening your skateboard for optimal performance and longevity.

our Denver skateparks for learning

A comprehensive skatepark locator to find the best skate spots near you and connect with fellow skaters.


Arvada ·  Broomfield ·  Centennial · Golden ·  Greenwood Village ·  Highlands Ranch ·  Lakewood · Littleton · Parker, CO · Boulder, CO and more.

We Come To You!

Learn skateboarding in the comfort of your home or driveway.

A great plus for beginners and children!

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